The Perfect Frozen Treat™

First, let’s define “perfect”.

adj. *1) having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be *Source – Google dictionary

Second, let’s translate that into real-world application. 

The “perfect” taste, texture and feel (a.k.a. creamy and yummy) are the goals at Frostline®.Quality ingredients are the key to the “Essential 3” mentioned above. Our product line offers soft serve mixes, frozen yogurt mixes, frozen beverages (including smoothie base mix) and flavor packets.

The Perfect Swirl

Five stars is the only acceptable quality rating we want to achieve from consumers! Customer satisfaction weighs heavily on their “perception of healthy”. Frostline® is peanut and tree nut free, lactose and gluten free, low in fat and calories and it contains 0g of trans fat. We assure that our processing facilities are clean with no cross contamination and our employees follow strict safety and quality ISO standards.

The consumer is always right, however, we want operators to rank our “perfection” too! That’s why we are proud of our shelf life (12 months), simple mixing instructions (add water to the complementary mixing bucket, stir and pour) and our free, marketing resources available to our clients. If a business owns a commercial soft serve machine or blender, they can sell The Perfect Frozen Treat™.

Recap: Frostline® + Operator + Hopper = PERFECT FROZEN TREAT™

Homework: Create the “Perfect” Swirl (hint – it’s all in the wrist)

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Frozen Treat™

  1. You mention a shelf life for this product when it is stored dry, what about once reconstituted with tap water and refrigerated?


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