What’s Hot in Desserts

With the start of 2016, you may be wondering what dessert trends will emerge this year. One category gaining traction is unexpected pairings, like exotic or even spicy flavors in sweet desserts[1].

“Operators are going to put a bit more thought into how they are incorporating chilies, cayenne and roasted garlic into unconventional ways of baking,” said Corporate Chef for Dawn Food Products, Kami R. Smith. She noted that cookies, brownies and mousse are great menu items for chocolate and spice[2].

Unexpected flavors are also finding their way into ice cream and soft serve. Sweet and salty, heat paired with sweet, and exotic flavor combinations are just a few of the trends showing up in freezers and soft serve machines. Olive oil and sea salt were big in 2015, but another savory ingredient that may emerge on the scene in 2016 is ground black pepper[3].

As we shake off winter, it’s easy to heat up your offerings with unusual creations that will keep customers guessing. With dozens of recipes and flavor combination ideas, Frostline® makes it easy to spice up your soft serve.



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