Family-Friendly Soft Serve

When you’re in the soft serve business, soft serve is always on the brain. Of course this isn’t a bad thing, however, it does lend itself to constantly thinking about the benefits of soft serve. One benefit that always comes to mind is how soft serve can instantly enhance a casual restaurant’s image as a family-friendly dining establishment. Adults and children alike seem to “save room for dessert” when they see that familiar, shiny, metal soft serve machine. That one machine has the power to turn a first-timer into a loyal customer. It has the ability to label a restaurant as “kid-friendly” faster than filling up a waffle cone. Some restaurants offer complimentary soft serve because they believe it is the key to building repeat business. Others know that offering soft serve, along with toppings or possibly chocolate sauce to make dipped cones, creates rapport among patrons.

Family Friendly Soft Serve
Family Friendly Soft Serve

Sometimes eating out gets a bad rap by critics who feel home-cooked meals are better for family conversation. Although we agree gathering around the dining room table is definitely special; eating together at a restaurant is also a wonderful way to bond and share conversation. The key is “together”. In fact, a restaurant meal forces children to sit rather than quickly finishing their vegetables and retreating to their rooms. And if the customer is lucky enough to eat at a restaurant that offers complimentary soft serve like Sweet Tomatoes, their dining time (aka family bonding) lengthens because there is simply no way anyone can pass up FREE, all-you-can-eat soft serve!

Statistics suggest that eating together as a family has many mental and physical benefits. Recently the CASA (The Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University) published a study that supported family dining. The study showed a decreased risk of children smoking, drinking or using other drugs when families came together for meals. It also showed that children classified their relationship with their mom or dad more highly than those who did not eat together. Source:

Eating together gives parents a chance to take some time to connect with their kids, model good table manners, practice gratitude, incorporate everyday consumer math into the conversation (resolving the question “why do I have to learn math”), dig a little deeper (school, work, peers, weekend plans, hopes, dreams, aspirations), and most importantly  – HAVE FUN!

Family Friendly Soft Serve
Kids LOVE soft serve for dessert

Speaking of FUN, did we mention how much FUN eating soft serve can be for families? If you don’t already offer soft serve to your customers, you might consider adding it to next year’s menu:)

Frostline® Soft Serve and Frozen Yogurt Mixes Offer Solutions for Commercial Soft Serve Machines

Frostline® Frozen Treats soft serve and frozen yogurt mixes operate in ALL commercial soft serve machines as well as the Rival home ice cream maker. ElectroFreeze, SaniServe, Stoelting and Taylor are just a few of the available brand-name machines that create perfectly frozen, delicious soft serve everyday!

Soft serve machines are self-contained units that will store, churn and freeze soft serve mix into a delectable, frozen treat. If you require a medium or high volume machine for production, the machine must be able to freeze additional product to replenish what is being dispensed. Two types of commercial machines are available: gravity-fed machines and pressurized machines. Gravity-fed machines require staff to pour liquid soft serve mix into the top of the hopper and gravity pulls the mix down into the freezing cylinder. Pressurized machines follow the same loading process but an electric pump transfers the soft serve mixture into the freezing cylinder. An added benefit of a pressurized machine is the location of the hopper – usually underneath the dispensing head in a refrigerated cabinet. This location reduces spillage and physical strain when compared to the design of a gravity-fed machine.

Frostline®  The Perfect Frozen Treat™
Frostline® The Perfect Frozen Treat™

Many factors go into the purchase of a soft serve ice cream machine.  You will need to know your budget, projected sales volume, space allowance, desired mixing features, and whether you want to buy new or used. Soft serve machines vary in price, service, and reliability. The Frozen Yogurt Review has compiled reviews and a comparison chart of some of the top commercial soft serve machines. Another useful document is from Foodservice Equipment Reports. It contains an in-depth review of soft serve ice cream including history, commercial machines and health department inspections.

Purchasing a soft serve machine is an investment and requires diligent research. As with any significant purchase, it is always best to shop and compare! Make sure to read customer reviews, compare warranties and identify a point of contact in case you experience difficulties with your machine. Whether you are just starting out, replacing an old machine, adding an additional machine, or just curious about dry mix; we are excited about your soft serve plans! Please let us know if you want to sample Frostline® Frozen Treat mixes. We can assure you that your customers will love the taste and your business will love the profitability and usability of our mixes.

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