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Frostline® Vanilla Soft Serve Mix is the versatility that you need in your operation. There are limitless options for cups, cones, shakes, floats, sundae’s, and many other treats that you can create with our product. See the recipes below for a little inspiration. If you love these recipes, make sure to download our full Vanilla Recipe Guide from our website!

Frostline® Socially Conscious Point-of-Sale Materials

We are excited to share with you the specifics of our Socially Conscious Point-of-Sale Materials program and answer some of the most common questions about the program.

What is the purpose of this program?

The purpose of this program is to provide you, our Operator partners, with resources that can help you manage your business in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic. We want you to be able to keep your employees and customers safe during these unprecedented times.

Who is eligible?

Operators are eligible when they purchase Frostline® Vanilla Soft Serve Mix.

What is included in the Socially Conscious Point-of-Sale Materials?

Within the kit, you will receive the below materials:

Four, 10 inch diameter, floor decals that are to be placed 6 feet apart. They indicate to customers where they are able to stand at a safe distance from others.
A sign to notify customers what the maximum capacity of the space is. Sign is 11 inches by 8.5 inches.
A sign to indicate where the line starts and to remind customers to practice safe social distancing. Sign is 16 inches by 20 inches
A sign to indicate that delivery and take-out are available. Sign is 22 inches by 28 inches.

Are there any limitations?

It will be limited to one Socially Conscious kit per Operator, for each operator location, within a three month period of time. Also, this program is only available while supplies last. We encourage you to contact your local Broker or KPFG Regional Sales Manager as soon as possible to take advantage of this limited time offer!

This all sounds great, how do I sign up?

  1. You will want to reach out to your current Broker or KPFG Regional Sales Manager and purchase Frostline® Vanilla Soft Serve Mix.
  2. From there, you will need to log in to our operator POS system found on our website.
  3. One logged in, on the left side of the screen there is a place you can click on “Socially Conscious Signage” and add the items to your cart.

*Please note, you will be required to submit proof of your purchase through an invoice to place an order for the point-of-sale materials.

I have some additional questions – is there anyone I can contact?

Yes, absolutely! Just go to the contact page on this blog and fill out the form. Otherwise, you can also contact us via the contact form on our website! Someone will be in touch with you shortly after to answer your questions.

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